Skye Bar Jakarta Indonesia $$

Last night out in Jakarta, wanted to enjoy some views and international food, so after reading a view reviews, this one won!

But I got disappointed from the start because after going u all 56 floors (lucky for me with an elevator….) I got refused…!! Me?! Because the dresscode said no beach wear or flip-flops allowed…. SHIT.

So quickly back downstairs, into the shop for some shoes and back up again…. Weather was terrible, views compensated that…. Drinks were amazing food just good but too much for me. Had a crazy not matching combo of Bruschetta with Prosciutto and truffle, next to it duck spring rolls with mango chutney and sweet hand cut garlic fries. All fine, basic food. The drinks I had were the very good dragonfruit margherita and my new favourite cocktail of this year, the godfather (Jack D. + Amaretto and a pickled cherry),

Would I go here again, yes for the views and service and next time for sure for the restaurant at the other side, it has a great menu and if I would have been more hungry, for sure worth a visit.



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