Pondok Laguna Jakarta Indonesia $$

Just a quick post here, maybe not the highest level of food but one of its purest! They are so well known for the seafood and it was a recommendation of my customer, who joined me as well. You can find them at: Jln. Batu Tulis Raya no. 45 10120 Jakarta call:021 3459991

If you are there, just step inside and be surprised by the options on the menu!

And as most of my customers just love to force-feed my as much local dishes as possible, tonight was no different, and having Dutch roots, I just love Indonesian kitchen (we ruled them for like 350 years or so). But this was pure with dishes such as:

  • Cumi Bakar (yummy grilled squid)
  • Gulai Kapala Ikan (fish head curry, this one was quite basic)
  • Sateh Ayam (Classic in the Netherlands, grilled chicken on a stick, can never go wrong there…)
  • Gado Gado (best vegetable mix in town, try the fern version!)
  • Gurame Goreng, the speciality of the house! By far the best Gurame fish I have ever eaten!
  • And many other local dishes, too much to mention again….pfff

The great tasting and better looking Gurame fish, order this for sure !!!

We Dutch love our Sateh…..peanut sauce and chicken….hmmmmm

One of my favourite customers Mr. Ka Lim

Overall just a nice place, not cosy to sit at all… so much light, but with good company and good local Bintang beer, and of course the honest food, I would not mind going here again. (so a $$ score)



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