Jakarta food tour by restaurant Sulawesi-Bali-Sumatra

For me Indonesia is one of the best food countries in the world, so much diversity, spices, heritage and authentic foods. Each island and province with their own background and food culture. The last 3 days I was there my customer took me to taste the difference between traditional Sulawesi (Manado), Balinese and Sumatran food. All good and delicious all different and similar. Different settings different timing but all so amazing! the richness is unique to me!

But he started in the same restaurant we went last time…. NOOOO shit…. I hate doing things or restaurants over and over again no matter how great. At least 20.000 other restaurants to see first, before I come back please. At the other side, best seafood maybe in Jakarta so why complain? read my previous post about this restaurant: https://worldsbestfoodblog.com/2017/06/20/pondok-laguna-jakarta-indonesia/

An then they brought that black pepper crab… oooohhhh that black pepper crab…. I miss you and would have married you…. But also the catfish, the satay…. You know what? I will go back here again because the food is just amazing and worth to come back!

On to the typical Sulawesi food, famous for the sambal and hotter spices, different fishes and preparation. More salsa and pastes, more peppers and still soft and beautiful. It was just a light lunch the next day….. hahaha Just type in Sarang Oci Restaurant in Jakarta and you will find them.

What would you order?

Started with the strangest combo that absolutely worked; Avocado shake with dark chocolate:

I asked to get al the sambal I wanted to taste, which means all of them! Based on fish paste, others on garlic an peppers, you can read above all different types, pictures here:

But the crispy fish cookies, the fresh fish and most special what I ordered was the Flounder or Ray (platvis), the way the meat comes of, the whalebones as they are also called, or busks…. so nice. With the hot topping this was great! Light lunch, remember 🙂

And trust me, we had much much more, too much to show, most and best were mentioned here.

On to dinner, yikes, quick throw up in the bushes and keep on eating;

It looks like a cheap ass pizza parlor, bad chairs, worse lighting and please I hope they will never get a hygienic control…. but this means the food will be best! I was asking or complaining about not getting good Rendang in Jakarta! (one of my favorite dishes). So we went to this typical West-Sumatran restaurant where you sit down and they just bring you everything! really everything! And what you eat you pay, the rest you leave for the next…;

And as you can see that makes all of us happy!

Loved the beef rendang, the crispy chicken legs, and the curry eggs. But the dried fish skin or octopus were not at the best level. Some mixed feelings but you can not get better authenticity than that dinner right there!

Price I am not even touching as all was paid for! but knowing the prices you will keep on laughing on how cheap all is…. Go to Jakarta and eat people, just eat and taste!







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  1. Wauw, je komt daar niks tekort.

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