Liburnia, Pristina Kosovo

Any of you ever been to Kosovo?! Why not? Because I think it is beautiful, as most countries are in that area. Much more modern than you can imagine, way better developed than some Western European countries. And with very nice traditional food, still at honest pricing. You can eat and drink like a king over here.

My good friends from Pristina pointed me to this restaurant as being the higher level of real traditional food; They do not have a separate website but you can find some info here on

This is the type of restaurant where you just have too much on the menu but still want to try it all… But first you need to find it 😉

Looks like an old barn, and it is…. haha the inside just as rustic as the outside;

The atmosphere is simply amazing, but than comes the menu…. this is hard, this is impossible, so I said bring a bit of everything…. but the waiter stopt me in time. I honestly wanted 7 or 8 dishes and taste all the bread types, but it was not possible, too much food waist. So I had to pick just 4 and 2 types of bread. What would you try?

I ended up with some cold cheese soup, tasting like Ayran! Very soft, a bit milky with fresh parsley, great opening. Followed by the local Liburnia salad, grilled eggplants and local cheese (very salty!!), also some chicken fillet with apricots and chilies (loved the combo but why the linguine??) And why 3 fillets? Less is more. Also had to taste the meatballs in garlic yoghurt (NJAM!!).

And do not forget the 2 big breads (this was the small portion of 1 euro per bread).

Stuffed, as always. Washing it down with a local wine called Budraumi Vieter… but to be honest, this was not the best part of the evening. That was my company!

Lovely Eliza, my contact in Kosovo, entertained me all night. We had lovely discussions about life and food, so thank you Eliza for the great night out. She only hates to be on pictures…. got 1 hahaha. But I will keep it small not to attract too much attention 😉

In the end all drinks, coffee, liquor food and all the fun cost me 46 euro…. what a dream.


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