Le Grottelle, Capri, Italy

Hey Hey, guess who’s back…??!!

After almost 6 months of Corona pause, some time for reflection and rethinking where to go with my blog, I came to the conclusion I could not miss you guys 😉

I have had many requests about why I was this quiet, still having hundreds of restaurants I visited before corona up my sleeve? I think I just needed a short break and focus on my day-job as well… But as I secretly managed to go on a quick 6 day trip to the Amalfi coast last month, I have found some places I just had to share online!

So I went to the place that might have had the best terrace view IN MY LIFE! https://www.capri.it/it/c/le-grottelle

What a stunner, what a place. The best Italian food? Nope, tourist trap? Nope! Genuine good food, just lovely, but as always on holidays, the food just taste better on location. And over here, after a 45 minute walk uphill, you know you found a hidden gem in between the lovely mountains of Capri. And the first view you get is this:

Without reservation, and because of Corona, without tourists (made me so happy!) we had the best place of the restaurant, with lovely view all around the island:

As it was lunch, and after some days of eating 4 time a day (you are a foodie or you are not, just 6 days, had to taste it all…). We decided to go for some locals but also real classics. Next time we should try the rabbit, it must be amazing as well.

  1. You can not go to Capri without a Caprese Salad !!! You just cannot do that!
  2. Peperoni ripieni )stuffed peppers with eggplant, olives, Emmental and basil)
  3. Spaghetti Aglio e olio e peperoncino

But it al looks better with a view behind it:

So in a nutshell, what an amazing place, nice wine, super friendly service and after all: A very reasonable price for one of the most expensive islands in the world. I would have thought prices were at least double. Now we paid for this lunch, including wines and “coperto” just 48 euro! That’s a bargain….

And for me the dessert was the amazing walk back for 1 hour with astonishing views! Just unbelievably pretty! My lovely wife did not like it as much… but it is give and take in any relationship, correct?

enjoy the last pictures down here:


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