La Cabana 10/10(so far the best in the world for me !!!) Murcia, Spain.

Merry XMAS to all !!! As I am writing this on Xmas day 2020, 18 months after the visit…. Sorry for not living up to my promise to post more often… let me try again in 2021 😉

Where to start? I have had this one up my sleeve for over a year now. Was here in August 2019 and I am still enjoying this dinner and amazing night out in my thoughts. By far, the best experience in my lifetime so far. This hidden gem, with amazing chef and co-owner Pablo Gonzalez just blew my mind! Having 1 (*) since 2010, they fully deserved a 2nd (**) in 2017. If it was up to me, they would get a 3rd (***) as well.

Wow, just wow x 10…. from beginning to start, not 1 single miss recorded, and that is a first on this site and in my life…. and that is so chill:

This time I will not comment on all dishes, as pictures can say more than a 1000 words. Just some highlights upfront:

  • Entry with food stands in a tropic garden to enjoy all your amuse bouche. Things like Pedro X raisin and chicken with pimento and charred merengue? Or Eggplant with milk&miso, roasted shiitake, gelatined yoghurt and cinnamon (HIYAA!!). Just 7 amazing starters with explanation, so amazing!
  • Being placed outside, getting a secret fish bone / escape room to find your hidden amuse… so original. Tuna with tomato merengue and saffron. but all of the just amazing!
  • 14 “easy” starters before the menu…. hahaha just too crazy. I love you Pablo !
  • 3 types of bread, with their own garnish from olive oil to the best butter, shaved from a butter tower of 50cm high… the best!
  • A lot of action at the table with grills, shows but most amazing food! Like the hidden pigeon filet underneath the candle…. just unbelievable! Freshly grilled at your table! but much more to find out yourself.
  • Cheeses, so may, so original, so heavenly. In a “chariot” as it should be, but the same for desserts… and coffee, and snacks and tea… just al too much. This is Indulgence x1000
  • Pisco & tequila cocktail at the dessert with egg white, so fresh and tasty…
  • All the gifts when leaving, including chocolates, tea and others as a souvenir to take home!
  • So much more, this is dining as it should be!

Please have a look for yourself, they go backwards, so from end to start 🙂 Or scroll down first…:

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