12/10 Izakaya, Manila Philippines

Reminiscing on my travels of the past year(s), thinking on all the fun places I have visited. Understanding I am one of the lucky ones in this world. Looking outside now, at the grey weather and the +1 year celebration of lock downs and closed restaurants… Boy am I counting down the days!

Also, the this is the name of the restaurant… not the score, just so that you know this upfront…hahaha

So last year, in February 2020 I was still on the world exploration tour, visiting Australia and NZ, but also one of my favorite countries in the world: Philippines and the capital Manila.. (see earlier posts for other lovely places). Strolling down the Guijo street in Makati, looking for this place, it was not that easy. But the hardest searches have the biggest reward? Or something like that 😉

But first a little test, do you know me?! What is my starting cocktail???

Give me a number between 1-7

Here it is:

Number 7 it is 🙂

Overall, the service was a bit poor to be honest… it was a very cold and windy seat as well… but the vibe was amazing. Young and rich locals trooping together, typical for one of the poorest cities in Asia… Average monthly salary being spend here for 1 dinner!

And nr.1 frustration: The tasting menu was not available for this food critic !! Only a la carte…

Very nice mondain and metropolitan type of restaurant and menu in particular. Fun cooking, experimental fusion menu with some extraordinary ideas. I got surprised but never blown away. Still, I enjoyed the meal for sure.

Worst part for me, was the pace. Even after asking to slow it down, 8 course dinner was done in under 75 minutes…. slow for Asia, too fast for me!

I will give you some pictures of the food, that will paint the picture. Guess what is it? Or scroll all the way down for explanations.

Oyster, almond milk, lime kosho
Spicy raw tuna, maple syrup, kyuri, mentaiko, nori panko
Uni toast, chicken liver, pineapple, shiso
Cauliflower, red pepper, daikon, yuzu, rye
Salmon kushiyaki, truffle salt, curry, corn flakes (strange but working!)
Octopus croquette, gorgonzola, katsuobushi (smoked and fermeted tuna flakes)
Onigiri, tuna, balsamic and foie gras

And I finished with a crazy dessert, without picture it seems or it got misplaced…

Made out of:

Coconut sorbet, lemon, black sesame, corn, peccorino (!) and rye…. something special!

In the end, paid a lot, enjoyed it, but will not be back. Cannot explain why…. Either way, try it out yourself!

hugs and kisses, Kevin Sluyter XOXO

12/10 Restaurant

7635 Guijo St.

San Antonion Village, Makati

(63) 905 572 2556 / (63) 915 663 2823

Operation Hours: Mon to Sat, 5pm to 11pm

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