12/10 Izakaya, Manila Philippines

Reminiscing on my travels of the past year(s), thinking on all the fun places I have visited. Understanding I am one of the lucky ones in this world. Looking outside now, at the grey weather and the +1 year celebration of lock downs and closed restaurants… Boy am I counting down the days! Also, the…

Jakarta food tour by restaurant Sulawesi-Bali-Sumatra

For me Indonesia is one of the best food countries in the world, so much diversity, spices, heritage and authentic foods. Each island and province with their own background and food culture. The last 3 days I was there my customer took me to taste the difference between traditional Sulawesi (Manado), Balinese and Sumatran food….

Down Town Gourmet market Eindhoven Netherlands $$$

Typical Sunday night looking for a new and trendy place to have some dinner. Being in the beautiful, but modern city of Eindhoven, I new there was this new foodmarket that had just opened last month. As we all know, I have seen many foodhalls / foodmarkets before, but this one was a bit extra special….

Manila street-food tour + restaurant Lazat $$/$

This article is not for those people with a weak stomach… Most of my European and American readers will not understand, but I am sure most of my Asian readers will…. this is about real street-food & the way it was supposed to be! And about getting the NR.1 out of my food bucketlist, BALUT !…