Nick’s Seafood restaurant Sydney $$

Lazy night, so chilling in the Sydney bay. Just strolling around cockle bay wharf / promenade you have so many options! Maybe too much, buy hey, we are in one of the biggest and most developed cities in this world. Had to try some local seafood at my last day so Nick’s was my obvious choice…

After years and years of watching Masterchef Australia and hearing my heroes Matt Preston and George Calombaris talking about the local fish such as the Barramundi or Moreton Bay Bugs this was the one!

I first had an amazing cherry and bacon cocktail just across the wharf (because waiting times at Nick’s was around +1 hour)

I took the Tasmanian lobster tail pasta, Like an Italian Vongole, and also had the seafood platter to be sure not to miss anything,… Sometimes I wish I had like 3 stomachs in stead of half a stomach….not enough time to taste it all…

And it was what it should be, lots and lots of garlic, chili’s, olive oil and enough fresh lobster, in Europe we would pay enormous amounts of money for so much lobster meat…here it is just as standard as French fries are in Belgium….

Have a look at them clams….fat as f*** And this was just the baby platter, seen some platters at other tables…wow!

Busy times, full terrace!

In the end just a short dinner, can’t eat 6 course every night at this rate…. was not happy we still had to wait to be seated, took another 20 minutes, also parts of the staff were very young and easily distracted, meaning forgetting things, had to ask for Ouzo 4 times…. And I went to the counter to arrange my bill. So on organisation still a lot to be learned. But good wine and ouzo softened my pain….

And the freshness and quality of the food was good enough for me to go back next time, fair price, amazing views (at least for a first time visit to Sydney) and after all just a good night out. If only parking would be cheaper in that area….because 3 hour parking cost more than our dinner….

Good $$ score. Enjoy!







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