Nikkei Restaurant Manila Philippines $$/$

Hope my wife does not read this one…. Maybe it is better next time not to start my posts this way…. 😉 I was asked out by 4 ladies this night and who am I to refuse? Okay 4 singles, all attractive….but that is not what this site is about, they proposed Nikkei Restaurant. It is on Rada street in the Makati area (bit posh).

They offer the great unique combination of Japanese / Peruvian cooking skills and both being strong in seafood, this really is a mix that works well! Not only Ceviche or sushi, but a lot more, and a lot more for me to discover because the Peruvian part is not so strong developed in my experience… See below some pictures and descriptions of what I ate:

Causa appetizer, soft mashed potato bites topped with Kobe beef, chipotle, guacamole and lemon, or topped with octopus confit, parkanmino sauce and chives, simply delicious! (great together with the spicy sake martini with wasabi in my opinion)

Seared Tuna with huancaina risotto (?) and cilantro salad, pretty nice as well…

The Lomo Saltado, signature dish with poached egg (was under) and Peruvian tenderloin and veggies. For me the least of the night, expected more spices and stronger taste, maybe good for the average eater?

One of the heroes of the night, Seared Tuna with Urchin risotto, risotto with shitake and enoki, cilantro, togarashi and katsuboshi….. one of the best risotto’s ever! So an Italian dish made by a Peruvian guy in a Japanese restaurant in the Philippines tasted by a Dutch Belgian guy out with Spanish girls…. all good…!!!

Peruvian sliced sashimi of salmon, soy and ginger, easy but true food.

2 amazing ceviche’s 1 with smoked chili, octopus and crispy quinoa the other with yellow pepper, red onions, sesame and sweet potato strings

Open kitchen, always fun

Overall a surprising good meal, great drinks and cocktails, unique sake’s on the menu and after all a decent European price! Too much for locals I’m afraid but perfect for all expats and tourists. I would not mind coming here again and will recommend this one, that is why an exceptional $$-$ score (two and a half….)

Enjoy and let me know when you have been there!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Unfortunately for you, as a good wife does, I read all your posts… 🙂

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