Down Town Gourmet market Eindhoven Netherlands $$$

Typical Sunday night looking for a new and trendy place to have some dinner. Being in the beautiful, but modern city of Eindhoven, I new there was this new foodmarket that had just opened last month. As we all know, I have seen many foodhalls / foodmarkets before, but this one was a bit extra special.

As the city has been investing for many years in new concepts, new places to go, and a lot of city marketing, this was the only thing missing. And looking at the number of people that already found the place, they hit the bulls-eye!

Biggest difference in my opinion to other foodmarkets, is the fact that you can sit both inside as outside and most important you have a table service for all drinks. So instead of walking around with your plate after ordering looking and hoping for a place to quickly eat your just bought meal, over here you first sit down, order your drinks from a waiter and all night you can stay put. Just stand up for a meal or 2.

Options are almost unlimited from Afghan to Vietnamese foods and from Mexico to Italy, everyone can find something over here! Even fusion at Spado being Spanish-Indonesian, which was my first of these 2 backgrounds…

As you can see, very cosy! (and crowded)

Started with some Aghan mantu, from restaurant Mantu, similar to Dim-Sum mixed with chick peas. Typical tastes for that area in the world. Great starter!

To be followed by a spring roll, that was less great in my opinion. Too much noodles and lettuce and slightly dry chicken. Only my favourite Hoisin sauce saved the day and meal…

One of my big loves, the authentic Turkish cuisine…. Lamb kebab (skewer) with 6 types of salad. Creamy full of taste and my all time favourite made out of roasted eggplant, chives, dill, peppers, lemon and a lot of olive oil. But also all the rest, so tasty with some Turkish bread! well done Ziya’s taste!

Finished with some Indo Sateh Ajam at the great Spanish Indo fusion cook of restaurant Spado. Stomach too small to taste all he had to offer!

I hade a great holiday feeling, so much unique foods, so relaxed, smartly priced wines of decent quality and a very quick service. I will go back here ASAP to try some other “new born” international food stars! Go there people, it is worth a visit! $$$ rating.




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  1. luchino66 says:

    Heb je echt al die restaurants zelf bezocht? Leuke artikelen, leuke site. Dit restaurant is redelijk in de buurt, misschien dat ik er eens ga eten… 🙂

    1. inderdaad, allemaal bezocht de afgelopen 6 jaar…. en nog een 250 anderen ook…. ik lig een beetje achter met schrijven… hahaha en de Gourmet market zeker bezoeken!

      1. luchino66 says:

        Het is niet verkeerd om nog iets over te hebben op je ‘to do list’… 😉

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