Ho Hung Kee Congee & noodle wanton shop HongKong $$

OK, for everything a first time, so first time I blog about airport food and the first time I eat the feet of a chicken…. a famous part in Asia, unfortunately still unknown in Europe… Maybe except from Spain or Portugal? But got my attention with the note Michelinstar restaurant? at the Airport? Great! Not even that hungry, but hay, since when is that an excuse for not eating??  The better restaurant is down town and this is a spin-off I guess….:https://www.viamichelin.com/web/Restaurant/Hong_Kong-_-Ho_Hung_Kee-416951-41102

Not so happy I am taking the pictures? HAHAHA But look at these gorgeous smoked goose!

Okay, it is Michelin Hong Kong…. And for me, however being great, I do not always understand the difference with some of the other great Hong Kong restaurants… In the end we had some great noodles and pork dumplings and my new favourite chicken feet! Like eating frog legs over here… a lot of bone but such tender meat all around, stop thinking! Start tasting, enjoying and most important experiencing! It is nice, with soy sauce, hint of ginger and garlic, rich and full. My mouth was watering, had to get my flight, but I can recommend this!

And the staff, many of them, laugh at me as a silly European, most of them do not even speak English….at the airport…. ?! Prices are fair, service is quick and quality is high. Not cosy at all, but what can you expect? I would love to have a place like this in my home town! let alone at our national airport…!!!

So go there, without a doubt and enjoy. descent $$ score!




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