Popasul Dacilor, Chisinau Moldova $$

Back again with a new country on my list…!!! (still have 7 others that I have visited, to be posted the coming days…). Moldova it is, just around the capital of Chisinau. Looking for the most local food, as I always do on my first trips. Had done my research, and went to the most typical and authentic place possible: Popasul Dacilor: http://popasuldacilor.md/istorie-2/

The restaurant looks like a cabin in the woods and is placed on a hill just outside of Chisinau with stunning views all around. Everything in and outside is made out of wood, even the plates and that gives you the unique feeling of being in a 300 year old traditional restaurant.

So I ordered some local dishes, was tempted by the Bulls testicles or a dish called the farmers sandal…. But I did not want to shock everybody here again…

So I went with some mixed starters such as boiled quail eggs with salmon caviar, goats cheese and my favourite G(r)eek dish, as is the same, Dolmas. Which are folded wine leafs or cabbage leaves filled with spiced rice. Easy, basic always tasty!

Followed, after 20 minutes because I cannot eat that quick or much (dammit, love being skinny, hate not being able to eat a bit more). But then again, happy wearing skinny jeans after 20 years again…hahaha but I am drifting off topic… So got a veal stew that was supposed to be spicy, maybe for a 2 year old infant, and traditional omelet with garlic, some veggies and a big bowl of corn/mais porridge…. which I had to stop eating after 2 bites…

All good flavours, seasoned decently but to be honest, I expected a bit more…. maybe I am used to too much, but it was all basic… or maybe I just choose the wrong things? Maybe the bulls testicle next time will be better….

After all, correct price, bit high maybe for locals, a menu that is 1677 pages…. so trust me, you have enough to choose from but most special is the unique surrounding, the smell of the grill, the views and just the perfect atmosphere.

I would really recommend to try at least a few things over here and judge for yourself, all is fresh and of good quality. Have fun and let me know how it was… solid $$



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