Kuala Lumpur street food tour by bicycle (amazing!)

I love a good street food tour and this one was extra special taking a vintage bike around the city. Thank you “Elena” for this amazing tour, you can book it by: http://www.bikewithelena.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqeOuxtnp5QIVS8jeCh2h_wQFEAAYASAAEgKTZfD_BwE

I got the private tour and after all delays at the airport they even waited 2 extra hours just for me, what a service!

Or mail direct to tikusdapurkk@gmail.com

We went with an old rusty bike around Kuala Lumpur, and it was fun! Also because nobody ever seems to use a bike, you feel very special….

First stop after some touristic highlights at Soong Kee:

Famous for beef noodles and also some beef stomach type chili balls…. yep that is correct. Also very well known for the tripe and tripe noodle.

Very clear broth, very open taste, Asia in a bowl. So easy and clear, the way you want to start any tour. Only the looks are not what we are used to… next stop Kedai Buku (old book store) where we had some “poor man soup”  based on lost herbs and literally street herbs found around KL. We also had the Pork soup and rice, based on tripe and boiled blood (cubes). This sounds shit but is very good..!! try some boiled pure blood, I can recommend it.

Next we’re off to one of the oldest areas of the city, Kampong Shalu, where they still have the traditional houses, worth a lot of money! They have been offered millions to sell their homes, but most of them are rejecting and keeping the family house within the family. Instead of yet another skyscraper!

This place is famous for having a “nasi” food stand since 1963 (!). Famous for the Nasi Lemak (which means fat/oil). Here they make a real traditional dish with the best sambal as a sauce, pickled cucumbers, chicken, crunchy dried ansjovis, pandang leaf and cooked coconut rice. This with clams… happy with my strong stomach! And do not forget the eggs… no nasi without a boiled egg…

This food I absolutely loved! Washing it all down with a fresh mango juice…. and at a price… hahaha You can not imagine how cheap good food is in these areas. You can eat like a king for $2 a day…

Time for a snack, some sweet snacks… and some more Sightseeing;

Me and my personal guide…. not hot at all…. no…. fun guy with real passion! And just look at the stunning views. Amazing to have a city, within a city…

We arrived:

Homemade ice cream (ais krim), sticky sweet rice with coconut and peanut topping. That was so welcome this hot night. What a treat! Have to try this at home…

Lets eat some more… sorry Dr. reremoser… you did a good job on my bypass…. but I just love my food too much…

This place well known for the Nasi Kandar (which means to carry, so used by the workers on the field). Had a beautiful beef kicap, some atjar and rindang. Combined with some specialty tea… with lots of sugar and milk, made the Indian way. many Indians here, so you have to eat with your hands…. as they all do. And please remember, just eat with 1 hand only! The one you do not use to wipe your ass after taking a dump… very important! never eat with the 2 hands or everybody will look at you in disgust.

We even had some more good food, but too much to mention. Just an amazing tour.

Was I blown away by new food? Not really, but its kitchen is a fusion of traditional Malay food with Chinese and Indian. I have had this all before, but for a starting food lover this is perfect.

And the views… wow! Nice tour mixed food with culture and history. thank you Elena bike tours.








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  1. ginasjoys says:

    Absolutely love this post. I feel like I need to study it, then… go!

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