Funicular, Tbilisi, Georgia (winner of the best view award 2019)

Yep, Georgia, not the US state but the beautiful country. Everybody knows for many years I just love this country, a hidden gem still for many people. Friendly people, nice land, great weather and than there is the food… and the wine…. and the Chacha…. Just a quick article as the restaurant was not that special. Still the view and the staff made it special as its unique location. I think that when in Tbilisi you should at least visit this location. Have some wine, some good talks and enjoy the silence and the view.

Maybe best to look at the drone footage from their website, makes it look much better than my amateur pictures… 😉

The restaurant is placed on top of the biggest hill, in a big (amusement) park where there is so much to do. A fun location for family and friends.

Just look at the view over the old city, just stunning!

The front and back view are less interesting, but still, I will share them with you.

So I started my dinner with some amazing wine; the Rkatsiteli 2013 from the Shalauri wine cellar. Nice and dry but with hints of Retsina. Nice dark colour, lovely wine for a lovely night. As starter I had the Georgian appetizers, you can never go wrong with them, with some crispy corn bread just amazing. Dips made out of walnut or cheese or mixed with eggplant,  pumpkin seeds,  leeks or Ekala (Georgians know what it is…. google it yourself ;-))

After some more wine… better take the bottle next time…

I wanted to follow with some Chicken Buglama, which basically is with spinach, cinnamon and lemon sauce. That sounds right up my alley… but the friendly waiter begged me to take the chicken from the Josper grill… And since I love every piece of meat from the Josper grill, why not trust him?

Okay, the chicken was grilled very nice, good and succulent, perfect “cuisson”. Good spicy herb and spice mix used to make the dry rub. But to be honest, a bit boring as well… family Sunday BBQ cooking…. Till today I am still curious how the cinnamon and lemon would have been…

What would you have ordered?

In the end, loved reading my book, very quiet and serene over here. A special vibe! Had some good food some nice talks but was it the best ever? Nope! And for Georgian ways a very well priced location. But okay, happy I went, thank you Alex for the tip!

And the ride back down was fun, with the funicular…. hahaha that explains the name. Should have known this on the way up….







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