Guo Ji Kao Ya Dian (Peking duck restaurant) in Beijing, where else?

Woohoo, 20 hours in fucking Beijing (Peking) to eat one of my bucket list dishes: Peking duck..!! In an official restaurant, one of the best they say, filled with Chinese people and no tourists. As you know I hate other people and I hate tourists even more. So a match made in heaven 🙂

After 10k of running, seeing a lot of highlights and understanding; this city you can never see in 20 hours (but I tried). I passed 7 or 8 authentic Chinese restaurants. Being far from tourist highlights, looking inside, this one was filled with Chinese people only, so it was what I needed! The ducks hanging in the window got my attention. Let me see for a table for one….

As in most countries, almost no English, and that is just perfect! Had so much fun with this menu, I have some crazy examples of mistakes in Google translate…. hahaha

But in the end I had to choose between some of these dishes that got my attention:

Especially this “Serve soup baby food” must be amazing…. read the other ones as well, please. I have more when you want… many more. So much fun!

But I came for the duck, traditional for over 750 years !!! With the pancake as it is supposed to be;

The only problem is…. I have never had this dish the traditional way, not a single clue on how to prepare this… So after eating single pieces, making crappy heaps of pancake and honestly a big mess on my plate… the waiter came in. First a bit agitated on how this dumb fucking tourist did not know how to eat this famous dish. So when I say I hate tourists…. I might hate myself as well, dumb ass I am… I felt lost.

But then he saw I could handle my chopsticks like a pro, so he decided to help me and explain in his best Chinese… now I could follow and enjoy the full dish.

My first selfmade, tried to film as well…. haha such an amateur:

and as the outcome is:

And it was good, honestly good! But also simple and boring after your 5th pancake…. no variation or options. Just amazing crackling duck, sweet soy/hoisin sauce, and some veggies.

After asking in my best Chinese, he brought me some sugar on a plate, to be added for a new dimension. And he was correct, new dimension reached. Still… after my 9th…. I was done, full and happy, but it could be more special. But it is what I came for and it is what I got.

Fun while being alone is not to have the open kitchen, but to have a camera where you can follow the hard working chefs on a screen:

So please go and try, it is amazing! But take it as a starter, try some fresh duck blood or duck hearts. I was sorry to be so full and now I have to come back for all other delicacies.

China is great, the regime sucks, the food rules. Find this restaurant yourself:


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