Dinner ** (by Heston) London city

Where to start? So many new experiences, even new countries, new food tours and new Michelin stars. Did so much again last months that I forget to let you guys know about all of this, so coming months dedicated again in writing about these experiences.

This time, a belayed birthday present, a restaurant and more special; some dishes that were high up my bucket list for many years. As a big fan of Heston Blumenthal for almost 20 years, I now got the chance to visit one of his restaurants and taste some of his legendary dishes. (thanks for this amazing present baby!). https://www.dinnerbyheston.com/

So early morning on a Saturday we took the car, the ferry and the car again to visit London. Besides the lovely food markets of Borough and the flat iron market we came here for the meat fruit of Heston…. yes I know how this sounds…

We started in the Lounge bar of the Royal Mandarin hotel, where the restaurant was located. Just next to Hyde park close to the McLaren showroom…. wow! Great cocktail for the simple price or 20GBP so you know where you are…. But hey, how often can you drink a cocktail with both Tequila, mezcal and living Ants? So let’s do this;

Time to sit down in this clearly over hyped restaurant… Typical for big names is that price rises and reservations are not possible for many months. Similar story here, it is all perfect and all good, no single complaint on what they deliver, but for a 2** restaurant you pay for the name, location and the hype….

No specialties here to see, no menus or chefs tasting, not even any “amuse bouche” to start with…. nope just a 3-course menu to choose from. All legendary all worth the trip but also all expensive and overpriced in my personal opinion.

So you can imagine my starter? The icon, the legend, the Meat Fruit:

Yes simple bread and a mandarin…. hahaha

If you do not know this dish, please visit this site: https://www.burgerking.be/nl and never come back here…

Legendary because it was one of his first dishes invented where he tricks your senses. I am a believer, as Heston is, that you should not be prepared on what you will eat, taste with your taste-buds, not your eyes. Do not expect a mandarin, expect nothing and just taste, that is all plain and simple. Also in this case the most exquisit soft and velvety chicken liver parfait in disguise, dressed up as a simple mandarin.

And believe it or not, the food pairing factor reached 100%, the mandarin gel with the chicken liver and the toasted buttery bread made it a sandwich worth driving 4 hours.

Also the grilled octopus from the year 1390 (suck on that you U.S. readers) with smoked sea both and pickled “dulse” was to die for. Looking at the portions but also at the taste, I would have rather taken 2 starters in stead a main course…

Again unique flavors, bitter smoke, fresh lime/yuzu profile and a broth to die for. All in perfect balance, a real keeper.

And as a main we had the roasted seabass and spiced squab pigeon, and to be honest for me both were not up to the same level as starters or desserts. No mistakes and no surprises… just good food at GBP 48 per dish…

The pictures are all taken new style… working with shades, lighting and colors…. hahaha (just a dark pic with extra phone lighting).

Luckily it ended with my personal highlight, not the cheese this time but the slow roasted and caramelized pineapple. And the so called Tipsy cake from the nineteen hundreds. To be honest all dessert were legends and if I could have, I would have taken all of them! Brown bread ice-cream or taffy tart, all for some other day…

The cheese was just good I understood, in line with the main courses. But the Tipsy cake! OMG that Tipsy cake! My wife had to roll me back to the hotel as i could no longer walk…

Nothing to see here, move on:

So simple, so good, look in the back of the kitchen, 8 hours of caramelization happening, open fire, fresh pineapple, slowly turning… YUMMIE. Crispy sweet, natural sweets and that cake! Lovely custard, a sugar crusted brioche and warm brandy poured over it… It makes the list of desserts to die for. So simple so delicious!

It ended with a lovely touch of the team as my wife told them it was my birthday dinner / present/ even 9 weeks after, still enjoyed this gesture.

So to sum things up, mixed feelings, some remarks, no typical 2** restaurant. Great experience but at €360,- not a small bill for 3 courses without any extras and just 1 bottle of basic Chilean wine…

All staff friendly helpful and correct, no comments on that part.

You should at least have tried one of his dishes in your lifetime, so a great memory for me! thank you Heston Blumenthal






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