Food Fest 2019 Cadzand Netherlands

Summer holidays are over! Time to start posting my delicious blogs again, and boy did I have fun during this summer. The best food fests, food tours, Michelin starred restaurants and much more. So first this great food fest at the Dutch coast 2 miles form the Belgian border, hosted by 3*** chef Sergio Herman. It is a clean well organised festival but also very expensive and pretty crowded. Maybe the sunny weather was part of the buzz this year.

You have base level restaurants up to 3*** restaurants presenting their dishes and ideas of food in a bite-size way. This time my post will be a bit different, so first all pictures below and if you are interested in reading more about my opinion, scroll to the bottom part.

Best quote ever to end it with.

Good points on food:

  1. One of the best for me was the smoked “rillettes” of dog shark. with asparagus, peas and egg yolk cream. Amazing dish perfect balance! Well done Broes Tavenier of restaurant ‘t vijfde seizoen
  2. Grilled mini octopus with couscous and black garlic, again my type of dish! Bit salty but in a nice way, strong in flavour and seasoning! Great job by Thijs Meliefste of the same named restaurant.
  3. From my favorite Belgian butcher store, De Laet and Van Haver; Flat bread with Flemish Duroc Pork porchetta, with chicaron and pickles. Big plate but tasty and perfect presentation!

Disappointing for me:

  1. Sorry Robbert Niederkoffer of the 3*** restaurant St. Hubertus. I am a big fan of your cooking, but this dish of unpeeled prawns with burned powders and leek mayonaise, for 16 Euro was just not good…. Burned taste, small portion, no balance. Just a let down for me…
  2. The Ka’root and Zeekat Ramen of Tom Vinke of 2** restaurant Vinke was not bad at all. Still it had much more potential, I have had better in Asia and it needed to simmer down some extra hours. As you can see it was too liquid, maybe someone added some extra water in the end? Still a good dish but needs improvements.
  3. The overall “fest” feeling was missing a bit. We had more expectations of the music, dancing, workshops etc. This was a normal but higher level of a food market or foodtruck festival… Still worth a visit yearly 😉

So in the end a great festival of food for us food lovers, great chance to visit restaurants you would not go to in a normal setting.

Absolutely a recommendation for all of you next year as I am sure there will be a next version of this festival.


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