Evaristo Albufeira Portugal

By far the best food/view combination in years! Maybe even in 40 years… 😉 https://evaristo.pt/index.php/en/home-en/

For me, this was more or less a “barn find”. As most of my food trips are well prepared or specifically chosen…. This one was recommended by the staff during one of our boat trips. I normally never listen to this tourist trap advise… but they made me curious so I had to take a look. For me the best so far in Portugal !! You start with walking up to the Restaurant to see this:

Not only empty beds… which means no tourists, also stunning views of the rocky coastline and beautiful blue water. when you go inside, for me it gets even better! (please be smart and reserve as the place was packed).

That’s all folks… the smell of BBQ and charcoal, a big fridge of the freshest fish you will ever find and the daily prices per KG. How they work is simple and pure, every morning they take the boat and whatever they can catch they take home. This is  all that is available for the day and when the fridge is empty, the restaurant will close…No further explanations needed, no menu, just talk to the chef and tell him what you want… pick one, or two and after that wait to be seated. That is unique to me, but I loved it. Real seafood knowledge explained and advised to perfection. We could already smell the fresh squid and garlic being served to a table in front of us… so that is perfect to start. To be followed by a fresh snapper from the grill.

So we sat down, to see this view:

(I waited to all the guests left to make this “empty” picture…).

We had not expected that a simple stuffed squid could taste this good! Just simple filling with its own meat, breadcrumbs and garlic… bit of parsley, fresh lemon and good extra virgin olive-oil. The weather, the wine, the company and the food, this is foodie life to the MAX.

And this Reserva Esporao 2017, amazing, 6 months on French oak, perfect temperature, perfect company. I paid 26 Euro, which is a lot for Portugal, but the rest of Europe would have charged 3x as much…

As a main we had the snapper, grilled to perfection, served and cut at the table! Accompanied by some young potatoes and fresh lemon, so basic, so good!

Yes, that was enough to have died and go to heaven…. But the wonderful and helpful staff really recommended to me (as an obvious food lover) to try the homemade pies… Portugese specialties. I was afraid of it being frozen fake… but I was wrong again!

One being a “carob” cake, local fake chocolate as I call it… and also a pecan-almond pie. Simple presentation, but it was enough to end yet another amazing lunch. Lucky me, as always.

I would recommend this, I will try to go back once… Nice staff, perfect food and perfect views, just heavily priced for Portugese standards. Still, by our standards worth every single penny. Paid around €120,- for this lunch including all.

after that, and finishing my story, back to the beach for some private enjoyment and some calorie burning in the wild wild sea… 🙂

Go there people, please go there!

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