El balcon del Mundo, Topola Bulgaria

Fooled you! With that name you’d expect some Spanish or South-American location…. but it is in Topola, 45km north of Varna, Bulgaria! https://kaliakria.com/restaurants/

The name is correct, as the views are astonishing. The food is good as well, especially for this region. It is part of the Kaliakria resort but open to all visitors. It will be a short post, not only for the food but also for the nice memories as I was here with the whole family. The views during the day:

So what did we eat?

My wife had the best…. as always! She took the slow roasted lamb with young potatoes and green salad, my son was second best with a Fettucine with black truffle and Parmesan…. My daughter was third with a salmon and Bearnaise with vegetable vermicelli and spring potato….

And who do you think ate the worst course…. the professional at the table…. It was not bad at all to be honest but not as tasty as the other 3 dishes. Local Black Sea mussels, a local specialty and  delicacy, but being used to the Dutch and Belgian ones, the were kinda pale…

The winner:

Perfect slow roasted lamb with a full lamb jus and perfect young potatoes, still crunchy outside and soft on the inside!

2nd place:

No fresh truffle…. too much truffle oil… but perfectly al dente pasta, fresh Parmesan cheese a good nice dish!

3rd place:

Crispy Salmon, fresh Bearnaise sauce, good decent dish.

My mussels:

Good looking no? It was okay, really, but not the same… I missed the wine taste or the use of herbs… luckily they let me taste all other dishes as well 🙂

And the real winner is having the luck to share it all with the family…. I just love the look of my daughter when my son uses a bit too much black pepper, just like his dad…:

In the end we paid around 70 Euro including wine and water which is okay. Overpriced by Bulgarian standards but perfect for this quality and location.

I could recommend this place for sure and it is one of the best in that area.


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