Amaru Melbourne * 9.7 out of 10

THE BEST OF 2018…!!! If you have the time, the love for good food and the money…. go there! What an amazing restaurant, such amazing wine pairing and simply the best for me of 2018…

Amaru, of chef Clinton Mc.Iver, who was sous chef at “Vue du Monde” for many years, made this the place to be, at least by my standard! Amaru is a beautifully designed thirty four seat restaurant. It’s a warm, intimate and sophisticated space. Unpretentious and understated, it sits quietly in the inner city suburb of Armadale, Melbourne.

If you would not know any better, you would just walk by… On the right Mr. Clinton keeping a close look into the kitchen. Fun fact, that week just a new Dutch guy started helping out in the kitchen, we had a fun chat!

Most important, the amazing food…. explanations and opinion below every picture:

Starting with Dried onion, garfish and sheep’s milk yoghurt?! hello YES, welcome sir! Paired with Tasmanian bubbles… Welcome Kevin it said… At the same time paired with this beautiful piece of cured ham and a piece of fermented carrot, dried and lightly smoked duck ham…. once again, welcome!

Loved this colorful small dish; Smoked eel with kohlrabi and apple, sublime mouth feel. also candy for the eye…

What about this Dim Sim?! looks heavy but is light! not fried, just battered and quickly cooked. With some black garlic and natural yeast inside, heavenly.

A beautiful light, Citrus tasting Grüner veltliner for the next dish

It looks like a salad, just some greens? But NNOOOO Mr. Mc.Iver came up with Blue mussels, cooked to perfection with mustard seed and leaves, Dashi and charred Broccoli…. crazy man! I can still taste it 6 months later!

Riesling coming up, a bit blend but fresh and nice.

One of the absolute heroes of the night; Mud Crab (amazing), rock oyster and green apple ice… When the ice melts and all is left is the salty full rich sea flavor, but combined into XTC! Just too little…. haha

My favourite white wine of the evening, a Yarra valley wooded Chardonnay, NJAM!

Lovely Hapuka fish, only to be found between Tasmania and New Zealand, real cold water fish, but so nice. This with the fermented honey and yeast, a stunner.

Stop with all the different and perfect wines

This was my hero…. also because someone went crazy with the fresh white truffle…. I even think I did not ask for the added truffle, but got it any way…. and lots of it. What a gesture, what a treat. Have you ever tried Jerusalem artichokes (earthy) combined with smoked eel, lamb sweetbreads, macadamia broth(?!) and unlimited white truffles? shaved at your plate?! FUCK ME AGAIN and AGAIN.

Just when you have had it all, this perfectly barrel aged Cabernet Sauvignon!

For yet another hero! Wild red kangaroo with a “beurre Noisette” based on hazelnuts and hazelnut oil? with raw liquorice? 3…2….1…. explosion, or better implosion. What a night, what a service what a chef! so pure, so wild, so I need to go back one day!

Lucky me 🙂

This was another invention on my part; Burnt pear juice is what I call it… with “Aspen Ice”, Edelflower and wheat-grass… I sometimes really forget this is what I live for. There is no better.

One of the 2 best pairings of the night, Madeira with Shiitake?!

Let’s go full moon crazy, ape shit, out of this world. Shiitake ice cream?! rattlesnake weed?! with cacao?! And this with Madeira…. Crescendo, Crescendo, started great ending in pure love, food love.

To end it all with for me a new discovery, Japanese plum wine / liquor…. could not find it in Europe ever since…

The signature dessert, for me very good, maybe not as good as the previous 4 dishes, but great combination and best paired dish of 2018. the plum liquor with this salted goat’s curd, honey comb and passionate sorbet. Wowzer…

And a small coffee snack to finish…. all in perfection.

For all the foods just 100% a 10 out of 10, best since years. Same for the wine pairing

Also the personal greeting when entering, the chef inviting you to the table, the setting, the view. Just another perfect score!

Just some small remark, but very small and only reason to give a 0.3 points below the overall perfection:

The table top was loose and slid away at times…. The white truffle costed extra $45… I got it for free, but to add is a bit over the top! Also the pace was fast, with 14 courses understandable… but the 4th wine was served within 45 minutes after entering! (An Aussie thing maybe?). And as a final point the head waiter had a very difficult voice to understand, a very low voice and sometimes a bit mumbling.

But having said this all…. That aren’t even mistakes… just small remarks. And whit this quality of food and wine, who the fuck cares?!

Go people, go and be surprised.







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