Osteria Bastian Contrario, Lucca, Italy $$$

I hate Italy, really freaking hate this country…. Because everywhere I go the food is just amazing. Okay I never go to the city centre or any tourist hotspot, I keep walking or driving till I find my spot. And every time I manage to find it. Also this time in Lucca, walked for 5 miles already, passed many great looking restaurants and all of a sudden you know you found it. It is just like love, as long as you have doubts if she is the one, she is NOT. Same with finding a great restaurant, I believe in love at first sight 😉

My wife and children joined me for once…. always difficult for a single traveller like myself, but so happy we were all together! And they followed my choice to go and eat at: http://www.bastiancontrariosteria.it/

Well known for its use of truffle, and when I say truffle, I really mean truffle…. so much indulgence and rich use of it. So what did we eat:

  • Lardo con tartufo (just pigs fat thinly sliced so it melts when you touch it with…. truffle ofcourse). Like a true Italian, so simple and pure, loved it.
  • Scamorza con tartufo (my favourite Italian cheese, smoked with…. try to guess….. what will it be….hahahha TRUFFLE !!) The kids loved it. Could eat this every day for the rest of my life…!!
  • Gnocchi & taglliatelle  (fresh pasta with…..? Fooled you, no truffle, just ragu / meat-tomato sauce)
  • Veal and oven baked potato and rosemary

Read more down below after some pictures to get you hungry… 😉

Good to see my kids having fun at the table….

No you dumb tourist, the restaurants name is no “il bagno”…..

Tasty olives as they should be, with the pit always inside, small and tasteful.

Great fun with the cheese, but more important how delicious can it get? Just bread, cheese and truffle, my Walhalla! Look at that concentration in his eyes…

Lardo, con tartufo:

And as a “primi” e “secondi”:

So another full stomach, too much wine maybe? Still had such a lovely lunch, with my loved ones.

No complaints? Yes of course, always you should know that by now…. The Ragu was of inferior quality… still good and better than in most Italian restaurants outside of Italy, but I have had better, sorry. And the veal, a la Milanese with just some lemon was pure as it was dry. Good flavours, not terrible, not at all. But I prefer my veal more pink and moist….but that rarely happens in Italy.

But the place is so medieval cosy, you feel like an Italian. The staff is all so friendly, just 1 remark…. stop speaking English to me, when clearly we speak Italian…. When I answer to you in almost perfect Italian, please do not answer me back in English, thank you! (And this is very harsh of me because 99% of the tourists do not speak Italian and they just want to be nice to them, but I hate that….)(so to be honest, it is me, not you;-))

So people for a great lunch or dinner or even a full Truffle menu, trust me on this, go to this Osteria and you will not regret it! $$$ (I will be back when in Lucca)

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