El Rubio 360, Lo Pagan, Spain $$$

Sorry to all of my weekly readers, and daily site checkers, but I am on holiday and needed some time to spend with my kids. So no update or new post in a while. But it will be worth the waiting, I promise! Let me share 2 lovely restaurants I have visited. The first one is; http://elrubio360restaurante.com/web/

A typical fish restaurant with a great but very big menu. I believe one of the best views in this region and the very best fish and shellfish you can find. I will surely come back, read why:

So what did we eat?

This great and light (daily different) ceviche (it is becoming one of my all-time favourite dishes), was just perfection over here!

Clams or Almejas in Spanish, with garlic and pine nuts. (Clams perfect but garlic was burned that made the overall taste a bit too bitter and dark, not sure if it was intentional…)

Baked turbot with young garlic and tomatoes (Rodaballo a la plancha), perfect fish, great condiments, good dish.

Black Paella with artichoke and squid (Arroz Negro) which was okay but a very big plate and for me missed some lemon or lime also it was very nice and strong but too much of the same taste every bite. Better as a starter or side dish for me.

And finished with caramelized pumpkin and Turron ice-cream and for me……….. The classic and a bit tipsy “kolonelleke” (which means colonel do not ask me why?!) Simply lemon sorbet and a bottle of Wodka….. hahaha keep pouring it in, sooo damn good! Also for the kids some chocolate cake.

I just loved the views, and the overall vibe of this place.

Do I have any working points? Yes I do:

  • Please do not turn on the bright lights like every Spanish cantina, let the sunset do its work…
  • Get your staff to communicate a bit better and try to get all dishes out at the same time…
  • I prefer chairs that are a bit more comfortable, but that is just personal.

But even with these small remarks, price is decent, location breath-taking and a menu that serves everyone. No mistakes made! So I will come back and can recommend it so a solid $$$ score.

Some live meat carving, filmed by my daughter of 8….:





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