La Terrazza, Skopje, Macedonia $$

first reason to post this blog, is that I have just found out that there is no single restaurant from FYROM (former Yugoslavian republic of Macedonia) on my site?! Even after many years of coming here (fucking love this country, so versatile, friendly and a lot of grilled meat), never found the interest nor the time to report… And as always, I still have many more to do from last months, but I promise you all, they will come. (sounds like a Kevin Costner movie….;-))

So in the capital, near the central square went to an international Italian / Macedonian restaurant. You can not miss it since it is HUGE! just right of the HUGE Alexander the great statue… (what a view).

Service was great, just the smell of the sweaty waiter was not ideal…. but he was working hard at 30 degrees, so he is forgiven. Had a combination of Italian (Macaroni al forno) and local kitchen. I love the Aijvar (pickled pepper and tomato with spices and garlic) and also the nr.1 salad: Shopska (simple tomato and cucumber with a soft local goats cheese on top). As a main had a local stew in a Macedonian hotpot. High on taste but nothing special… just straight up food.

Aijvar & Shopska:

Macaroni al forno:

And the traditional hotpot:

Washed it all down with a surprisingly good local Vranec. Not what I ordered at 10 euro…. because they had none…. but an 8 euro alternative. Which is way too mach for this region. But fair is fair it was worth it!

Overall paid a very decent price of around €40,- in total including water, Rakia,  bread and wine.

Nice location, bit crowdy, nothing special but honest enough to enjoy yourself. Go there or somewhere nearby. I think it is all the same… $$ score.


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  1. Olive Jason says:

    Macaroni al forno looks just fine.going to try it.

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