Hotelito De Jesus, Melbourne Australia $$$

Read this one, and look at the great pictures! This is a post and restaurant to remember… cool design, amazing setting and just a Mexican night out in Melbourne?! A real Tostaderia in cantina style, mixed with Tequila and Mescal…. and the name…. just perfect, did I die and went to Mexican heaven…? hahaha

Based in the trendy area of Collingwood, Melbourne, this was a rare find. Worth driving the extra mile. Have a look at the website as well:

First have a look at the setting, below these pictures I will tell you what I drank and ate…

Isn’t that just fucking cool? They paid a designer top dollar and I am sure this is a possible concept to duplicate or franchise all over the world. Like a Hard Rock café…?

So what did I drink? How about a smoked Diablo? made of Alipus Mezcal, ginger, huitlacoche salt and lime…. say that 3 times fast in a row?! But had a classic Margherita as well and some tequila in the end… hope there is some alcohol tolerance in traffic…. (OOPS).

No food then? Yes of course… They have this crazy menu type where you mix some things up and just mark down what you would like to taste, so I had:

Some classic Guacamole (bit boring to be honest), Tostada with Colima Ceviche (white fish, carrot and pico de Gallo) and one with smoked Tuna (Bonito). Both very tasty and nicely presented, but having said this, I think Mexican tastebuds would prefer stronger tastes, no? Ceviche nice and limey and fresh as it should be, Tuna flakes on top gave it a “fishy” smell of which I am not sure if i like that?

Also took 2 taco’s (did I have surgery? Can’t remember…) Keep on eating, one with green Chorizo (including chips and onions) and one Suadero (coriander, beef and onions). The green chorizo had an overkill in coriander and the beef was to plain for me, could have used some real Mexican seasoning…

Almost full now, but the best dish of the night still had to come: Dessert time: Cinnamon pastry (like churros) with syrop and ice cream…. Sorry to my surgeon to whom I promised never to stretch my stomach again…

And maybe just a last tequila? What would you choose?

So nothing else to improve? Yep, enough…

  • Food comes too fast again… make money and let people drink… doing double shifts every night this way…
  • No Mexican background music? Or any music?
  • Acoustic sucks, so loud, like a real Cantina… happy to be alone, but still I could not hear my book… 😉
  • Cocktails are overprized, but damn good!

So in the end… Food could be better, have some small complaints but that is just me. I give this place the maximum $$$ simply because you have the perfect night out! So much fun, happy feelings all around. Friendly staff, nice chats, great cocktails and enough other reasons to go there, I will be back one day for sure!

Maybe only for these toilets….hahaha all in style!





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