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It has been long since I last trashed a restaurant…. Mostly good experiences for the past few years… but finally I visited a restaurant that was really disappointing 😦 It was recommended, but it seems by someone with a much lower quality acceptance than myself…. So here is the reason I will not go back to this boat restaurant where the view is better than the food;

Okay, I am a bit spoiled over the years, and okay my standard is rising, but it just did not cut it for me… The view is amazing, the staff is great and helpful, the location and interior are both top notch! Even the menu on paper looks incredible, totally up my alley, but the food itself, and the price for this city were just not fit….. Even the Piano man did his best….

Started with a Veal Tataki, Brined pickle salad, truffle and quail egg. Sounds amazing, easy choice… But let me explain after the picture:

Even looks great, but the big hump of sour salad put a big shade over everything. Just potato salad with some pickles inside, no seasoning or refined flavours…. just 13 in a dozen potato salad. The quail eggs (brown sphere on the side) was boiled 3 days ago minimum, it almost grew feet, was more like a bouncing ball. The truffle was the typical Chinese imitation, no veins or taste, just the look… and the hero should be the Tataki…!!! Great piece of meat, just 1 bite somewhere in the back and you see the crumble of tasteless back of the fridge findings?…. still the view was nice….pfff

Next chance:

Strozzapreti (pasta you idiots), aged cheddar, beef tenderloin and jalapeno…. Crazy enough for me 🙂

To be honest, the meat was juicy, nicely seasoned and at least 5 pieces of them….. The pasta was just under, or super “al dente” however you like to call it…. the sauce was thick, sticky and heavy. Jalapeno, raw, added nothing. Was expecting a more refined dish, better just served that tasty meat….

And after having asked to take it slow (stomach surgery) and to wait with the main till I say “GO”. this request often seems very difficult…. 25 man working, every 2 minutes asking if the next course could come?! So I waited 30 minutes on purpose for the dessert…:

Ferrero – Raffaello

Not too bad, but tasteless and so useless cookie on top, fresh berries, never a fan of…. so basically hazelnut chocolate mousse (my business !!!) with vanilla mousse and crispy caramelised hazelnut mousse…. 95% of all people would love this, for me it was too sweet and simple, sorry…. Not even speaking about the strange green leave that has nothing to do there. For me a chef that wants to do fancy things but is not capable by just the quality of his dishes…

Finished with my beloved Irish coffee, which was absolutely perfect except 1 thing: WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU PLACE REAL RAW COFFEE-BEANS ON TOP !!!  You moron, use chocolate or fake ones, this is uneatable…. but after kicking them of, the rest was a good finish.

So as said before, great seats, cosy lighting, stunning views, helpful staff ( and a lot of them….) but not the matching quality in food this time…. and having to pay €80,- for me, being in Budapest, I know much better places for sure…. feels a bit of a tourist trap to me…

See for yourself if it is worth the trip…. a simple $ out of $$$ for me…!



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  1. Kelly Mahan says:

    Too bad it wasn’t a good experience, cause the photos really do look great… Maybe they’ll still get better? Hopes up!

    1. Maybe just a bad day…? But still I believe they need a better chef for this type of restaurant!

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