Le Seoul, ulaanbataar, Mongolia $$

I know, I am an idiot…. I know I make mistakes…. first time in Mongolia and instead of going to a real Nomads restaurants downtown, I went to a Korean restaurant….. Just because I love Korean food and instead of eating sheep-brain, cows feet or pork-tail…. I wanted something else…. so no shock-food today….

Also in my defence, after leaving home on Monday at 0500am, flying to Turkey at 0930am, waiting in Turkey from 1200pm – 1700pm flying to kyrgyzystan, arriving at 2200pm, leaving for Mongolia at 00.30am, failing to land 3 times at 10am, 11am and 12pm, flying to Irkutsk and landing at 13pm…. waiting for 3 hours and flying back to Mongolia, arriving at 16pm…. waiting at customs for 2 hours and arriving in my hotel Tuesday at 18.15pm (36 hours later?!). You can imagine I needed good warm food, so Korean it is…!

And since in the capital there are plenty, I went to this one (part of the blue sky hotel group): http://www.hotelbluesky.mn/ or https://www.facebook.com/Blueskyhotelandtower/posts/727174527331669

And the menu choices were incredible, real Korean, same typical but delicious dishes:

Hungry and stupid as I am…. I went for the soybean soup/stew to be followed by fried rice and fried pork…. Especially asked them to wait long in between courses as all Asian tend to rush the food….

After the amazing soup came, with all its condiments, I quickly remembered I cannot eat this much anymore…. So called the waiter, with the electronic buzzer, and cancelled my second course! But look at what a stew I started with, YUMMY

So after finishing this, I understood that the waiter did not speak English…. damn it, more delicious food to eat, I feel like a balloon about to explode: But boy did I love that rice and pork:

Just looking at it, gets me hungry again!

In the end I score only $$ out of a possible $$$ why?

All for the food! Seats are hard, lighting is bright and shitty, like they are going to give me surgery…. no views, no nice surrounding (like in the Japanese restaurant across the street…). And the waiters, like robots, only act when you hit the buzzer…. friendly knot yes in your face, but secretly do not understand a word you say, so you are FUCKED!

So I would go here again after 36 hours delay, and for the food, maybe for business but never with friends or family. I would choose something up in the street that looks more cosy.

Best part in the end was the price, since in total it was like €30, great for a big meal including wine and Vodka (do not tell my wife please as I tell her I never drink Vodka anymore….)

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