1st Dutch Lobster 2018 + menu Zierikzee, the Netherlands

Thank you dear readers all over the world for making this happen! Because thousands of you show this much interest in following my international food dreams, my site is being picked up both by international media as multiple event planners. This time I had the honour of being invited to the yearly Dutch tradition of capturing the first Dutch lobster. A special kind, only to be found in the province of Zeeland (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeeland_(provincie)) in the waters of the Oosterschelde. (https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oosterschelde).

It all started with the official part where they introduced the ambassadors of this famous delicacy. Not only with the delegate of the Dutch King, also with my personal king and queen, the owners of the 3*** Interscaldes. (http://interscaldes.nl/nl/restaurant/MTI5MQ–).

Also they crowned the yearly lobster queen; Marianne Bout, daughter of a local mussel farmer… 😉

Quickly onto the boat for the best part of the day, going out sailing for the first catch while enjoying an amazing “lobster wine”.

The weather, the surrounding the medieval feeling of this province, accompanied by this years wine: a BeauVignac Chardonnay. Coming from the winery of Cave de Pomérols, from the well known city with the same name in the south of France.

Just try to imagine; Sunshine, a boat ride, great company and the marvellous flavours of vanilla, ripe peach, pineapple and a lightly buttery aftertaste and mouth feeling with a hint of wooden casks in the back…. all poured in 1 single glass…. liquid gold. Golden day, what a fun!

The official part on the water followed quickly with the catching of this unique lobster, the lobster queen kissing it and the handover to Mr. Brevet of the best restaurant in the Netherlands. Good maybe to know that the first lobster is auctioned off for a good cause; War Child. (I think it made like $22,500 which is a nice price for 1 lobster…).

And of course, like with every legend…. a quick selfie with the rock-stars of Interscaldes:

On to the important part in my opinion;

The tasting…. we went to Brasserie Maritime in Zierikzee for this part, one of the 12 restaurants where you can go and eat a full 3 course lobster menu for only 64,95

The other ones you can find at: http://oosterscheldekreeft.nl/nl

We started with some wine…. just the second glass of the day (or 22nd…. not sure any more…) but I never drink much so…. 😉

Quickly followed a bisque, traditional lobster broth with cream. I have been thinking to post a picture, but in the end, just another bowl of soup…. not as exciting as I have tasted before…. nothing special on presentation, just a great rich and pure lobster bisque.

The hero followed quickly after:

Look at that beauty! The vibrant colours, the freshness shining back to the sun. Great vanilla flavoured puree, some grilled veggies (with a slight taste of being over burned from the grill pan).

But the hero stole the light, I picked every last bit from its shell and sucked out every part I could. No better seafood treat than that, simple as it is, best eat it pure!

In the end a great happening which I would recommend every one ever travelling to Holland in that time of the year. Go out, try that lobster, take a menu drink some wine and enjoy yourself.

I know we did! after our 3rd (or 33rd) glass of perfect lobster Chardonnay (it keeps getting better by the bottle). we had a great time. Many professional foodies around us, great new foodie friends made! A story that will continue….. keep reading and following me for upcoming updates!

Some new foodie friends 🙂


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7 Comments Add yours

  1. Me over ME says:

    How cool to be able to attend this event! I love lobster. I only hope it’s not the one I saw when I was diving there. It was such a beautiful animal. Good luck with the rest of your food trips!

    1. Thank you, If you want, I can give you the address to become press for next years event… 🙂

  2. Wanda says:

    Wat leuk joh dat je daarvoor werd uitgenodigd! Doe je goed hoor! En ja, kreeft… ik heb geen idee, ik heb het nog nooit gehad, maar zou het heus wel een keertje willen proberen.

  3. Looks like a very special and unique experience. I’ve never had lobster before. They look a bit scary…

  4. Eigenwijzer says:

    Ziet er lekker uit! 🙂

  5. Wat een toffe uitnodiging. Ik vind Kreeft wel lekker, maar kreeftenwijn weet ik nog niet zo..

  6. Sylvahna.nl says:

    Oh heeeerlijk! Ik hou van krab en van Zeeland haha, dus een perfecte combi als je het mij vraagt!

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