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And yet another lovely day, going for dinner with one of my lovely new customers. But what did they do…??!! They scared me from the start, because they drove to a Shopping mall… can you believe that? Eating dinner in a shopping mall, that can only be fast-food, or some other shitty cheap food 😦 But boy oh boy, did they prove me wrong! Hidden in the corner on one of the top floors, was this beautiful cosy Armenian restaurant called Yerevan (as the Armenian capital)  (Also this mall, called AviaPark is one of the biggest in Europe, unbelievable how big it is!)

As my customers in Moscow are Armenians, they are proud of their heritage and their food culture. For me, having been in Armenia before, I fully understand this! I strongly believe that food in that region, Georgia, Armenia and even Azerbaijan provides one of the most unique and versatile foods around the world.

And also this time, I enjoyed every single course. The great thing about this restaurant is that the chef offers 2 menu’s, the first traditional, with charcoal grilled meats and fish but also a second menu more contemporary with an Armenian twist. So you simply can not go wrong eating here! Let me show you the view of amazing Moscow as well as the cosiness of this restaurant:

So what did we eat? Like with most Armenians….. everything….hahaha Full table tasting menu. Loved that! Together with Armenian wine and a little bit of Vodka… see below some of the dishes with explanation;

Local sheep cheese, no explanation needed when you know me…

Dry aged beef with a bell pepper and paprika powdered crust. Cured the way it should be, rich meaty flavours, always a winner!

This sounds crazy to most people in Northern Europe, but just a plate of fresh herbs and garden vegetables, without any cooking, just natural rich flavours, is all you need. If we had this quality in Belgium, I would order it every time!

What I call Armenian ‘humus…. made with red beans, walnuts and coriander and a bit of dill and oil of course! so good on fresh flat bread ! YUMM

Another tasty sweet&sour salad, with sweet pumpkin and pumkin seeds…. just that damn pink pepper… leave that part out please! because it will ruin all dishes that follow…

Braised famous veal, just plain with some oil, so soft and tender…. you want to make love to it…. hahaha

Rich acidic tomato sauce, pastry, minced meat and grilled cheese, Armenian style… could eat this all day every day!

I am full… and than they bring this, like Ossobuco, my favourite meat dish. on wheat grains, so simple…. too simple….? NO ! meat was braised for 24 hours, came right of the bone being tender, juicy, rich, amazing. whenever you can suck on meat, it can not go wrong! (at least that is what I tell my wife often…. ;-))

2 of the best wines I have ever had while in Russia:

So long story short;

If you ever want to learn about Armenian food and be treated like a king, take a tour and go there! First do some shopping in one of the biggest malls you will ever see, and than end here with a happy ending or foodgasm as I call it 😉

A strong $$$

And for the price, that is Armenian too! almost to cheap for Moscow standards…. Enjoy!

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  1. The food looks lovely!

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