Le Cor de Chasse, Durbuy, Belgium (*) 9.7 out of 10

Best in Belgium in 2017 for me! By far the best food I had in Belgium all year, and I had a lot 😉 Too bad they missed a few points on other aspects of the restaurant game…. they could have had a perfect 10 if it was just the food. For all my Belgian foodie friends that did not go here…. GO !!!

http://www.lecordechasse.be/nl/ Is officially in Weris, just a few miles outside Durbuy. Up in the hills in a small almost medieval village with 3 houses, a bar and this amazing hotel restaurant. Best if you stay there as well, because you will get drunk 😉 I invited my wife here for something I have not done before in 38 years….: I went for dinner at XMAS… not only the busiest day of the year, also the most expensive. While the past years I used to cook myself….

What amazing food we have the pleasure to try this night (read yourself or use google translate)….:

First perfect amuses; Merengue of Dashi or a cream of tarragon with crisp quinoa and red onion, Yihaa !!

Or what about Japanese mushrooms with cream of lobster coraille…. drive me crazy!

Or maybe a broth of poultry with Daikon? All is perfect so far, so full of extracted flavours, and the dinner did not start yet?! Can’t wait any longer…. so anxious to see the next dishes….:

first dishes coming up: Langoustine (small lobster) with lobster butter, cucumber and sorbet of shiso, Caramba how great! just to be honest the shiso was a bit overpowering the delicate taste of the langoustine, but still amazing! so fresh and beautiful structures:

Next lobster course: maybe one of the heroes of this day, Mediterranean touches with Parmesan and eggplant. Especially the ring made out of eggplant brought me back to the soil of the vegetable dish from the Philippines, sweet and savoury together, need to learn this technique! Also the sweet pickled tomato is the best of the year! (https://worldsbestfoodblog.com/2018/03/14/toyo-eatery-manilla-philippines-9-7-out-of-10-best-in-2017/)

He could have stopped already because all was 100% PERFECTION SO FAR. But, no, he had to continue this perfect food tour:

Omble chevalier, or how to call this unique salmon type in English? like a tracking or upstream swimming salmon, wild and strong beautiful taste with tarragon and grilled leaks, build up is perfect so far. and these macaroon like sponges on the side, food heaven again, I will miss this the most if I would ever get sick like my father did some years ago 😦

Next came Turkey, so soft, cooked to perfection, moist and sweet. With chestnuts, truffle, and foie gras…. I just realised I will need to go back here fast to taste a summer menu. Look at that level of caramelisation on the foie! My wife did not like it, she still hates liver, so I had to sacrifice myself…. pfff

Thanks hunny:

I am crying while writing this, because food is emotion, some baby deer coming up, my new winter favourite with a praline of mustard (!!) and ponzu for some acidity and roasted pumpkin seeds, can you hear the angels singing?

Give me some desserts of the same level and you get the perfect 10 out of 10;

Banana sand?! with parsley cream?! and banana ice cream, carry me home please:

I am all out of superlatives, fuck, amazing, crazy, heaven, just the best in life for a foodie! How about the purest yogurt tasting ever, pure extract, with white chocolate and coconut?! what an ending, what a dinner, what a chef!

After this a small sorbet of mojito, you can imagine it by now for sure! Any room left? no!!! because we had a nice wine pairing next to it. So maybe some coffee? and a unique drink form this Wallonia part of Belgium, a pear cognac…. who is driving? Taxi please!

Shit, forgot the “friandises” or coffee sweet snacks:

Yes yes yes! a perfect 10, perfect food!

Nothing to complain? Yes I do! you know me by now, small complaints but better call it possible improvement to perfection.

Like this glass, small mistake:

Also the left a filthy table with all our aperitif glasses, as well as old wine glasses, somebody clean up please…

Our 1st glass of wine came halfway the 2nd amuse, while the aperitif was finished some time ago…

Price? it is Xmas, but quite strong prised, but for this food, I would pay this every day with much love!

Also the bread stayed on the table till dessert, way too long!

All glasses were scratched or hazy looking. wrong cleaning products or care?

So in the end, kitchen is perfect! staff at the restaurant not op to the same level, very young and with different clothing and different level of understanding of Michelin level restaurants, maybe because of the holidays?

In the end, go here, even with 0,3 points reduction for small mistakes.

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  1. Well, this post sure got me ready to go there! Everything seems and sounds so amazing!

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