No Durians allowed…. 9+ out of 10

Singapore food tour, including the cheapest 1(*) Michelin restaurant of the world, definitely one of my favourite countries in Asia! The Switzerland of Asia in my opinion, so clean and sterile, i love it for a few days! And the perfect melting pot of the Chinese, Malay and Indian people make it something special.

As I am used to go all by myself, I wanted to be sure to see it all, and the best way to do this, is to arrange a local (food) tour. And you know me by now…. no way I go with any other tourist or bus or something like that. I want attention… up close and personal! So I had a look around and found the absolute nr.1 in private (or group) day tours. They even had the perfect guide for me: Dani…!!! A nice lady that loves food and travel and has so much energy, loved her. And the perfect tour she organised for me. Please people, trust me, when in Singapore and in need of the perfect tour operator: Tell them I send you, they are amazing! (and ask for Dani maybe?). (Please feel free to use the coupon code MD Treats for extra 10% discount!)

Let’s start, running to the first breakfast location…. (at 36 degrees, 100% humidity). While Dani explained all cultural locations we passed on the way to the first food market:

Started in Little India, where my hotel was located, going to the Tekka Centre Hawker market, where you have the perfect mix of Indian, Pakistani and Kashmir food. First dish: Chendol:

A typical dish made out of shaved ice (ice cubes) with sugar cane juice and coconut milk as a base. You can than add all kinds of stuff….. so I got the Durian power jelly… Oh Oohhh… It is like adding Limburg cheese on top of your ice-cream…. hahaha. Crazy drink / food, we started of the right way, bring it on! (Durian is the famous fruit stinking like a dead body mixed with sweaty feet and old cheese :-))

Also from this foodstand some typical Malay dish made out of yellow noodles, egg, peanut gravy and sweet potato. NJAM, this is my kind of food! And while we are here, let us do some Roti with flat bread and some fish curry! Great breakfast….. so full already, just 24 more to go…. thanks Dani…. hahaha

And do not forget the biryani from the neighbours….

Through the Dutch street…. or at least corner…. Amsterdam food, let us skip that please, onto the famous selfie café (which was closed…):

Let us go to the Middle-east Turkish part, full of new flavours and Muslim / Indo food influences!

Just around the corner to eat some beautiful Gado Gado with some Udai Udai to finish. Savoury and sweet after, all great and do not let the inside of the shop fool you. All freshly made in house.

Look at that view from one of the free local buildings, you can almost touch the Malay jungle as well as the Indonesian islands…

Let us take a train to the Chinese part (15 min). And i love this sign:

First stop here is the famous Song Fa (line of 300 people for lunch). Where the story is that traditionally the rich people threw out all the pig bones when cooking dinner, and all the poor Chinese people that wandered around the streets, collected all bones and boiled them into water with just some pepper. So now famous and pure, just sweet and soft pork meat with a pepper broth, simple but nice. Look at the colour on that pig….hahaha


Next stop, where we all want to go, and we should stop doing so…. the cheapest Michelin starred restaurant in the world! (€3.50 for a meal…).

And yes, it is confirmed, Michelin is a bogus and fake organisation in my personal opinion…. as seen many times before all over the world, it depends if there is somebody working in the Area and what they want to do. I have eaten 1000x times better on many occasions in Singapore! It looks nice, the chef is nice, but once again a typical hype… A big row means it must be good…? NOOOOO !!!! Stop copying and stop to just follow others, please!

But in the end, even I write about them, so it works… the food was a bit too dry for me (chicken) and the skin was soggy not crisp…. the gravy was very nice and sweet sticky as it should be!

So we crossed the street to go to some real local Chinese food stands at the Hawker market over there. Dani knew some places such as the Super Mommy café, who ownes 4 of the stands next to each other, with the whole family working there…

But first, let us try Chinese Carrot Cake…. hahaha you can not imagine what you get when you order this! look at the description…. hahaha

So what is it? some rice flour mixture with soy flour and water…. tasted like rubber…. BUT… add some spring onions, egg, herbs and soy, and this is heavenly. Just 2 Euro but it will fill you up with some very tasty Chinese food.

Let us wash it all away with some grass jelly drink ?! Spongy structured dark milky sugar cane, strange but nice…. and if you mix it with extra soy milk, they call it a Michael Jackson…. Also, If I like pancakes…. try the double folded peanut butter filled Grandma’s pancake…. crazy woman!

let me educate you a bit as well: In Singapore all food stands have a classification: A-B-C-D very simple system! A=Excellent like grades in school…. B is still very good and often tasty. D= closed hahaha walk away now!

Are we done? Yes, finally, let us take time time for some cultural sightseeing and walk of all this food. (Did not even post everything we had!).

Some temples and gods, I love the god of food and he loves me he said!

On the way back we passed some local food stores, and then I see this:

Like beef jerky but better… roasted and glazed I just can not describe it. very expensive and a special gift once a year it seems…. but the full flavour, stock of beef glazed made crispy but chewy, amazing. So full, but I could have finished this stack!

So back to the hotel, And Dani said, I did not eat anything… so let us stop at some local Pakistani restaurant…. hahaha

She had a very nice butter chicken and I could not sit without eating, could I? So a small soup/curry…. so small even the picture is small….. hahaha



What a great day, so many tastes and influences. I will always remember this day!

Thanks to Dani and to Monster day tours!

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