Michelino Fish, Ostia, Italy $$$

Hello all of you dear readers! After an amazing summer holiday in Bulgaria, it is time to show you my latest adventures. The Bulgarian ones will follow as well within a few weeks, maybe even days.

Today a post of one of our many Italian findings of last year. As we were in Rome for a few days I was at the coastal town of Ostia, better called Ostia Lido at the Piazza Anco Marzio. (www.michelinofish.it).

Proud father as I am, I let my kids for once choose where to go, as long as it is no fast food. But being already at an age of 11 and 9, they know what is good and what good food is. And boy, how did they prove that this time again!

So a fish and seafood restaurant it is. Looking at both in and outside, this cannot go wrong I guess. Close to the beach, close to Rome, beautiful boardwalk as well as a nice and cosy Piazza. And what I like most and always prefer in a fish restaurant, they only serve fish….. which sounds logical I know. But in real life nowadays, especially in Western Europe, they sell some fish but to keep all table guest happy also some ribs and steak or something else. This is the main reason I love Italy, they often stay authentic, so fish means fish or mussels or clams, but nothing else!

So we made some kind of tasting menu on our own where we could taste it all.

So we had some Italian style Sushi, made with crushed Risotto and tomato gravy, filled with local cod fish. (only leave the sliced grapes please…)

followed by thinly sliced toast with marinated salmon (graved lax) with some veggies and dressing, simple but tasteful!

Next one of my favourites, cozze, or clams with heaps of garlic, oil and pesto. So fresh and meaty. Great dish, I am loving it here!

Some homemade (what else) Ravioli with salmon and cream cheese filling together with cleared butter and sage. Italian seafood at its best!

Tuna tartare with beetroot and vinegar. Just a bit too strong in their seasoning, it overpowered the delicious Tuna. But still a nice bite

Some Gnocchetti with clams (cozze) Peccorino and “Pachino” which is a local blue fish… like eating small clouds. Gnocchi should only be served this light!

And some pan seared scallops to finish with a sauce of grilled green asparagus and Black Madagascar pepper and homemade tomato extract. (and some pork crackling). Literally finger licking good !! Only we fry the scallops a bit longer, but so fresh, you could eat them raw as well, so perfect today!

So in the end a good night out with good food and good service. Not cheap but for being near Rome at the coast it is almost free. I paid in total, including some wines and water €98,- which is good for this menu.

I will recommend this to all of you! No tourists no traps, just local business!

So a well deserved $$$ in this case







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