The View, Minsk, Belarus $$$

Wow, second post in 2 days? I’m on a roll 🙂 and this one you want to read about for sure! Have a look now:

This time, is what could be, the best restaurant in Minsk, or maybe even the whole country?! I hate to admit, but since there is not much local info available, I had to rely on the terrible website of TripAdvisor… but after looking at the website, I noticed quite a good quality of cooking. And with a name and location like this, the food often isn’t even that relevant. or

So let me start with the view first, as for me it is less important;

And from on top:

Okay then the question, what can we eat and what did I eat? Which is very difficult as the choice was unlimited. Typical mistake of the area in my opinion… they do not understand that less is more… also if you want 100% freshness you can only work with a small menu! But I feel this is a young chef with obvious training abroad that now wants to show off. It was a fusion menu, very modern but from different places. Have a look at the menu yourself:

It took me 3 hours to choose, because I would like to have tried everything! But my stomach would not allow that. Still I was stupid enough to pick 3…. (for who is interested… I gained 10kg again over the past 12 months, so this hobby is dangerous for my health…).

But I went for:

Which was light and refreshing on this hot day; Avocado tartar with shrimps and…. an amazing Gazpacho. Better than I ever had in Spain… and this combination was new to me, but perfect seasoning. Poured out at the table, very simple but very good. Less is more….


Hand cut (obvious) steak tartar (yes 2 times tartar) with quail egg, home cooked chips and Dijon mustard. Taste of the meat was amazing, just as the tomatoes in the previous dish. Only I prefer a smaller cutting or dicing as you call it. Could have been cleaner. Also toast and chips is too much carbs…. and in the end, if you look closely you see small decorations of gelatin. I think crystals of prosecco? But that did not add 1 single thing to this dish. still enjoyed it very much!

Finished with some lovely fish:

Oriental style cod, with raisins (???) and sweet peppers and a mash of eggplant. First the “cuisson” or quality of baking was impeccable! flaky and soft, perfection. peppers and raisins, strange combo but it kind of worked in this case… Eggplant puree was not needed and too heavy…. but WTF are these strange cubes? I still do not know exactly. Some combo of Mozzarella, Gouda, Becamel, cornstarch, sesame, all things together in a cube. Was that any good? NO! But it looks nice on the plate, doesn’t it?

In the end with some amazing good New Zealand Marlborough wine, I paid €47,- Which is a lot for Minsk… but worthy of this meal and wine!

Also the waiters were all very helpful, maybe even impressed by my notebook and writings….?

Trust me, when in Minsk, go here! You will have a lovely night out and enough options to chose from.



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