Bangkok 2 day food tour, a “must read” (pt.1)

As I had just a 24 hour stop-over on my way to New-Zealand, I had to make a food tour, or maybe 2…. Limited time, so 1 at night and 1 early morning as a breakfast…. Big mistake as I should have switched the 2…. eating pigs blood at 8 am is not always best for my Western stomach! Read all about it, but mostly pictures this time as well…

So we started of with this funny group…. Lovely woman called Lynn from my beloved Cape Town! Also a couple of crazy ones from Brazil and a young couple from San Francisco, so well represented. All travel and food lovers. All organised by this group:

So in case you ever need a discount, let me know, they have many options and are very professional. Yes, it is easier and cheaper just going around yourself. But if you have no time to prepare, like myself, this is the perfect option and you see place you can never find yourself!

So by Tuk Tuk we went to a nice Laotian restaurant with the prefect mix of Laotian and Thai food:

Above our perfect guide MOD, foodies 4 life 🙂

So some of the dishes: Skinless catfish, mixed the fish meat with breadcrumbs and stir-fried in oil with some peanuts on top. Amazing! Also my favourite Papaya salad, sweet sour spicy, NJAMNJAM or what about Tom Sap Soup? chilli jam and chicken, amazing! But one of the best as well, pork salad with chilli, sticky rice, mango and fresh veggies…. Hmmm

As a special MOD wanted us to taste the frog, not just the legs as we do, but head (see the jaw below?), back and all other pieces. I like my freaky foods, but this… NAH.. see:

And some other amazing food pics:

On to the next stop:

A local alley with fresh fried “beignet” which was made of flat rice noodles, very special! Baked in porkfat and seasoned with raw eggs and dried chillies and sauces from the table… See:

It was nice by the way… next stop: flower market…. I thought it was a food tour?! So I started eating the famous lotus flowers… big mistake hahaha

On the left my first folding attempt, on the right what it should be…

Also ending with some food and grocery stalls:

The vegetable on the right nobody knows in Europe…. it is called FAK (or FOK or FUCK). either way funny as hell…. next day I was at every supermarket asking the girls if they knew what FOK was…. hahaha

Had some unexpected street food, dried octopus, straightened out and shortly grilled… which was terrible and dry, fishy stink and smell…

Quickly move on to some culture and making some room for more food:

But it is a food blog…. for culture go somewhere else hahaha or ask me on mail for more info!

Thirsty from night temple hopping, so we went for a great cocktail, this is a great secret place:

Look em up, great cocktails, better view!

That was good, had to give half of it to Lynn…. she preferred it over beer 😉

Food time again:

One of the local heroes, just doors down the famous Jay Fai who makes the overpriced crab omelette and is mentioned as well in every Michelin guide. I believe what we had was better!

Trust me, I did not put on all pics, but being a patient with GB, it was a lot, so this fried omelette with shrimps and noodles might be one of the best I ever had. Looking at the extreme waiting line outside, i do understand. But still, Michelin overrates compared to real restaurants worldwide!

Going outside we had a nice treat of steamed condensed milk in a palm leave with dried fruits. Nice little dessert!

So in the end a great start of this food tour..!! If you want restaurant links or more info just let me know please.

Certainly I can recommend this tour and I enjoyed the company, tour guide, food and restaurants. But the best part still to come….:


So next morning Part 2, the extreme food tour…. stay tuned and watch my site regularly for updates.







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