Chez René Paris France $$$

Happy new year dear friends and followers! This is a test on who actually reads my blogs….; My plan is to write 1 review weekly, so 52 minimum this year (!). Leave your name and details in the comments or with a PM. For every post less than 52, I will pay each and every one of you €10,- No catch just a personal motivation to keep writing…. (feel free to share…. but not too much please as I do not want to go bankrupt…;-))

So last year I was in Paris, looking for a real old-school French Bistro. After looking and hearing around, I found this little gem. Located on one of the nicest food streets of Paris in my opinion! Real classic foods and more important classic service, preparations at the table, the way it should be! You can find them at boulevard Saint-Germain nr. 14 or online reservations by:

As you can read below, since 1896 a real valued restaurant and already since 1957 it is as it is nowadays! (food below)

We had a long 4 mile walk as we started the wrong way of the boulevard…. but that was perfect for the appetite.

I started with one of my all-time favourite French starters: Rillettes often made of duck or pork, either version is perfect! I had the duck version, 100% the way I like it; Good rich and creamy real farm butter, rillettes de canard, pickles and a pinch of salt an black pepper….. All a man needs on a cold day! My wife had a classic farmers “paté” which was good but not as good as my homemade dish!

And look at the surrounding, taking you back 50 years, real nostalgic!

So my starter looked and tasted amazing, just look at it!

To “wash” it all away we have chosen a little bit of a more expensive wine (€60,-) to be very disappointed 😦 I expected more body, deeper notes, wood finish… but in the end non of that was there;

For the main we had 2 other real French classics: Coq au vin and for me a real Confit de canard (duck leg with crispy skin, baked in its own fat). And…… with this amazing nice waiter and service:

The coq au vin was great! really good, just 1 chicken or hen in this case, that drunk a full bottle of red wine…. hahaha with original 1960’s garnishing;

For me the amazing, even best ever duck leg, crazy so crispy, tasteful, and presented as it always should be: Naked

So a simple authentic meal as I was wishing for, for many years now. (you can eat terrible food in Paris).


So me happy, wife happy, waiter happy (big tip)

If you ever want a real French Bistro dish, go there! For me a solid $$$ (out of $$$)




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