Bangkok 2 day food tour, a “must read” (pt.2 – Bizarre foods)

This is the “shit” part of my 2 day food tour….. Yesterday was fun, today was tough, very tough! A lot of rotten things, blood, intestines and much much more! Also thank you to some readers, as I now need to write 51 more reviews this year, not to lose €5500,- or even more…. me and my stupid challenges… 😦

So at 08.00am this nice guy was waiting in my hotel lobby:

As you can see, a real foodie, just like me! He was the professional that wanted to give the “Bizarre food tour”. So we started at the oldest restaurant and first Muslim restaurant in Bangkok;

Funny enough just around the corner of the famous “sky bar” where they filmed parts of “the hangover” movie 😉

So my breakfast started (08.20 am) with a beautiful goat liver curry… Which was surprisingly amazing! Not too much mineral flavours, not so chewy, great seasoning and a good breakfast with all the sides:

Next stop, next breakfast buffet dish…. (why stay in your hotel when you can eat like this…) a beautiful Pig blood noodle, and for the Muslims, there is a cow blood version as well (which I also wanted to taste);

Pure pig blood in the bucket, just ad it to the simmering broth, with some veggies and noodles… Very nice I can really recommend this!

So my new best friend and tour guide (Ron), certainly knows his way around the backstreets of Bangkok! Without help you can not find this next gem of a restaurant. It seems to be well known for some special dishes! Ask around for the best homemade fish sauce ever… hehehe

At the end of this alley you get this restaurant:

They make the most gruesome rotten catfish marinade you can ever think of… now 2 months later I can still smell this on my fingers…  What they do: Take a simple stone container or big bottle. Put in as many fish (catfish in this case) pieces you can find… add some water and salt and then put it outside in the blistering sun for 30 days….. YUMMIE !! So the fishes start to decay while rotting inside all the meat turns to soup…. can you imagine this smell..????

So above nothing special, besides maybe the black crabs on the right-hand side.

My food was a real delicacy according to the locals. For me it was a real nightmare, but still had to eat all of it. Look at my face while sucking on the head of the rotten catfish…. hahaha

Ah well, I have had worse in the past. Also the chicken claws I have had a few times before, but these were absolutely by far the most terrible. So glutinous and just boiled… like sucking gelatin out of a child’s hands…. BAH! In the end, let us call it: “an acquired taste”

BTW, they are so famous that there even was a professional film crew with a famous actress from Laos filming next to us.

Next stop, some culture… after this heavy breakfast (why am I getting fat again? I don’t know?)

Very important, offering money to the god of food !!! By donating, rice and money to all of these guys, you will be guaranteed a good next life with plenty of good food around…. so I offered them all I had…

Getting hungry again! Next up, a pig brain stew, world famous and the favourite of my good friend Andrew Zimmern, that always inspired me. (unfortunately no pictures…. lucky for you maybe).

So my guide Ron asked if I wanted more bizarre foods, or maybe just some real good food? I have chosen the last, as it was almost lunch time now.

So we ended up eating a full pig intestine soup…. see above, liver, kidneys, heart, bowel system, they had it all…. And it is not as bad as we Europeans often think…. It was good!

But as a final finish, Ron presented his personal best, and boy was he correct!

Pork belly with the maximum crispy crunchy skin. And their famous homemade sweet soy sauce, close to hoisin sauce with cinnamon. This was to die for! Thank you Ron for taking me to Mr. Joe…!!!

Just look at that shimmer, that sticky sauce, forgot all about the previous dishes 🙂

Take the tour people! Get educated on what is good and what not. This is what life is all about !!!

10 Comments Add yours

  1. &Xaar says:

    Het eten ziet er heerlijk uit!

      1. &Xaar says:

        Het meeste wel ja!

  2. Nicole Orriëns says:

    Brrrr, geitenlever…. Een heftige maaltijd lijkt me dat.

  3. hphofman says:

    hmm, als veggie sla ik die toer maar over;-)

  4. Dat eten ziet er wel wat spannend uit haha. Zijn het wel aanraders ?

  5. Wanda Bisschop says:

    Het doet me niet direct watertanden, maar ach, in dat soort landen moet je het misschien gewoon eens proberen!

  6. Hell to the no! Mij niet gezien hier hoor, ik houd het wel bij mn rice&curry en pad thai!

  7. Gabriëlle says:

    Bangkok kent heerlijk eten, ik ben er ook gek op!

  8. Wat ziet het eten er lekker uit! Hopelijk was dat het ook. Leuke foto’s.

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