Mumbai (Bombay) Food tour (shocking photo’s ahead)

Review nr.3/2019, I am getting closer to 52…. only 48 to go after this one!

So this young (19yr) motherfucker called Raj, was so nice to show me all the treats the streets of Mumbai have to offer. If only he would have told me from the start his religion was “Jain” so that means no alcohol and no meat, fish or anything with a root attached….. I am scared…. but in the end it all worked out!

So this is going to be an A-typical review, as we ate so god damn much, I do not remember exactly where we started…. Only remember where we ended as I ate the most disgusting dessert type of I do not know what….. So scroll down to the end for something very weird….

What did we eat (all street food): Upama, Misal, Shira, Kothimbir Vada, Batata Vada Smabar, Sada Dosa, Onion Rava Dosa, Tawa Bhaji Sada Dosa and ice cream….. hahahahaha

Okay, very shocking, we needed to step over some obstacles to reach every food-stall, but it worth it. (But really shocking this city with crying babies sleeping on the street)

So the food, all costing average €0.35

First the Indian version of drive-in. You park your car outside of the restaurant of your choosing. They ask your order and bring it to your window…. hahaha

Some great dish at an actual restaurant, with onions…. so a root vegetable, so all for me :-):

And some more things Like a veggie Paneer cheese….

Eating with 1 million people at the beach….

Was this before, or after eating?!

And some of the best ice-cream ever! Maybe the Uber/Grab and other food delivery was a signal, and see how far we are behind in the west!!!

So we also combined some food markets, look at them chickens….

The best tea ever made! that is as tea should be!:

To end at a local special dessert type of shit…. Like the tide pod challenge…. but seeds and washing powder with mint in some leaves and start chewing?! I almost vomited as this was just terrible!

So in the end, again too much, all veggie and almost all amazing! What a country, what a use of spice! Great culture, great weather, great shock!

Thanks Raj!




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