Buddakan New York 3/5

Just a quick and short one, however, it is just as remarkable as most of my  visits. Post nr.4 of 2019 for who ever is keeping track… 😉

So the famous and very hot and trendy, cool, kick-ass unique and special location in New York:

One of the locations of Stephen Starr’ franchise, I believe he owns 4 of them as we speak. (https://buddakannyc.com/)  But as you can see, I just give them a 3 out of 5 possible stars in my (new) rating system…. Let me tell you why?

Not because of the interior, that was amazing and so cool, look at them chandeliers and high ceilings:

Also not because of the company, which was lovely, cute and entertaining:

And not even because of the amazing cocktails, that helps you to get in the correct mood, some originals here, I loved the “Smoke” cocktail, but if you know me, that is not a big surprise 🙂

The real reason for me is a combination of things;

The food…. All very heavy, not really that innovative or unique… almost made for the American consumer? A lot of deep fried stuff and nowhere the real refined Asian pallet of flavours.

The surrounding…. so windy, almost cold, a real draft going around!

The staff…. all of them were so nice! Everyone working in catering in New York or the USA in general is like that, but so many of them running around here, all with their own unclear responsibility. Also the waiting time was extreme! I think they can approve.

And as a last point, looking at the wall was not that challenging… All the fun happening behind your back, people walking past you. Turn all tables 90 degrees and all is opening up!

So in the end a nice evening, great fun, remarkable location and a nice idea of a tasting menu, which included:

Crispy cauliflower lollipops, with truffle, sweet rice and cheese! Great chance, nice presentation, but again very heavy. And than 5 of them for 2 people makes no sense. Should be more refined!

Followed by the nice mix of multiple tasty snacks:

Sorry for the bad lighting on this picture…. it included Carrot spring rolls, brisket, dumplings, egg rolls and crispy smoked salmon.

As said before, very heavy, deep fried and just to plain for me. Too much soy and chilli sauce, without real use in my opinion. sorry!

And yes, still eating with my eyes, so not hungry at all….. but stupid enough to have ordered more 😦

Luckily for me this was the best tasting dish of the evening, better started with it 😉 And sorry for compensating the light of the previous picture on this one…. still a better foodie than photographer!

This Pork Lo Mein with pickled cucumber and chilli was so nice, Think I finished it in the end… (we did walk 81km in 4 days so I had some stomach room).

As a last part we got a small treat as we had a birthday girl in the middle…. (happy birthday Kelly with your 40th….!!! Let me know when you receive this message so I know you actually read it once in a while).

So in the end, we paid $175, including a nice bottle of 2016 Smoke tree Chardonnay, after leaving the standard tip (20%?!@$#^!) it was pretty much, but Hey that is New York City Baby !

3* out of a possible 5*








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