Seafood Bar Amsterdam 3.5/5

Sometimes in life you just go somewhere without expectations. To enjoy just a simple meal…. of seafood 🙂 Was in Amsterdam for a last-minute trip…. and since I am still behind in the number of posts I have done so far this year…. (but who is counting?) I just give you all a quick blogpost fix…

So not the length that counts, just a new post as promised 🙂

Main reason to tell about them, is because the owner, Mr. Visscher was originally from Helmond… And where was I born? Exactly…. Helmond city in the south of the Netherlands…

Only this guy was smart enough to take his daily market fish business to Amsterdam and start a couple of “high quality against decent price” restaurants, called the SeafoodBar

So what did I eat…? everything of course! And 1 picture says more than a 1000 words…. so here it is:

Big mixed platter included things such as:

Was everything perfect? Nope, some things too cold, others not perfect in cooking or at least overdone. But in the end a lot of fresh fish, shellfish, clams, mussels, shrimps, calimares, lobster, crab etc. Paired with a lovely oaked Chardonnay, this is true value for money. So do I recommend it? yes I do!

Did I have better in my life? Yes I did, was it at this very correct price? NO…. so the best quality for money seafood in Amsterdam for sure!



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