Palazzo Barbini Casteligione di Lago (10 out of 10)

Just a quick food lovers review…. It is not only about the high-class restaurants! For me it is about pureness tradition, flavors, surroundings, feelings and much much more.

And being back in one of my favorite Italian villages (where I was after 5 years when I got married in this area). We stumbled across this great place, we were triggered because they offer Italian cooking course / schooling, so we are planning to go back once to learn theit great recipes.

We only had lunch and I normally do not write about lunch, but this was so fucking great !!! Just one dish:

What did I eat?

  • Fresh homemade Pici (pasta) al Ragu of the Chianina beef
  • And of course some antipasti and a bottle of wine…



And sorry for my language, but this was so fucking great, just awesome! Best pasta of my life!

So not to compare with all the star food I eat and ate… and yes we sat on a wooden chair, in the rain, but it did not matter at all.

For me this was so perfect I have to give this a 10 out of 10 !!! (in the range of traditional Italian lunches….)




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