Sixty Restaurant Moscow (8,5 out of 10)

Woop Woop ! Back in one of my favorite countries and one of my favorite towns: Moscow!

Having dinner with some good friends / customers, while they know about my hobby… now it is a challenge to show me the hottest place in town.

So we went up to the 60th floor (officially 63rd now, but the name of the restaurant was already chosen I guess….). On the way back I realized I was in Russia, because somewhere around the 37th floor, the lift jammed and all lights went out….so it was a good way to quickly digest all my food because I almost shitted my pants…..

What did I eat:

  • Borsjt !!! Because you have to…. this one was not the best I had because of the use of lots of cilantro / coriander but still very tasty
  • Raw herring and snack to accompany the Russian standard Vodka…!! Njam Njam
  • Black Angus steak, which was perfectly cooked, perfectly seasoned, only it was a bad cut, which id very sorry for such a pricy piece of meat.
  • Chocolate gateau (chocolate brick, so heavy but tasty)

Good / Bad points:

+++ View, wow the view… all around, just go here for coffee since you need to see this!

+++ General atmosphere, so Western, great restaurant feeling at home

— I believe the general food quality can be higher, and that lift on the way down….still having nightmares…

Overall points:

Food: Everything was good, but nothing was special or really stood out for me. Loved the herring and black bread and onions, and all the rest was good, but it could also all be better…. 7 out of 10

Coziness: Again, that view, but also these chairs and overall dressing of the rooms, all different segments with their own feeling, just perfect. I will have to give a 9,8 out of 10

Staff: All so friendly, even getting you from your table to see special viewings around the restaurant but also helpful and quick, very well drilled…. a strong 9,1 out of 10 here.

Price: What can you expect in a city this big and this international? You pay for the location, but it is too much for most locals…. I will give the average 8 out of 10

Overall a strong 8,5 out of 10




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