De Veehandel, Antwerp Belgium $…

Just a super short post today… not a happy one and I will make many enemies now…. why?  Because this is, or has been the favourite restaurant of many friends and also family. They are one of the best known restaurants in Antwerp, bringing quality for over 60 years! “De Veehandel” (which means livestock market) is well known, as are most restaurants in this typical street, for the wide selection of great meats. They started as a real abattoir / meat hall back in the 50’s. And you have so many meat options, they can be considered a real specialist! Great menu for the real meat lovers.

But I have to be honest, it did not do anything to me, for me it was past glory…. sorry…. Please remember this is just a personal opinion, as I am sure others will still love it here. In my opinion the price / quality balance was not there.

What did I drink and eat in this short meal;Duvel (local beer, costing €6,- !!) Which is the highest price ever…. even in Mongolia I pay less…. and I had a Peppersteak flambée…

A good looking piece of meat for sure, but for me it was just over the “saignant” or medium rare as we call it. Also the meat was not as tender as expected. Maybe because it is one of the cheapest pieces on the menu? (still €29,-). Probably the ones costing €44,- a steak will be better, but I do not easily pay that for a piece of steak…

So why am I not happy? The prices are incredible, I can eat at a Michelin 1* restaurant for that price… and even with at €40,- steak you need to pay extra if you want some sauce (?!) which cost +€4,- and if you want a simple salad another €4,- and the Duvel costing €6,-

So just 1 steak + fries + sauce +salad + 1 beer could cost you €58,- that is overpriced in my opinion… (and than you need to pay for the parking, but they cannot do anything about that).

The authentic look of the restaurant can be called unique, and if it would not be as cold from the opening door as it was, you can call it cosy for sure. So it has many good features also the staff is correct. Nothing special or outstanding, just correct. But going to the old and ugly toilet brings you back to the 50’s again… did not make any pictures… hahah 😉

Next time I will first try others in this street (Lange Lobroekstraat) before coming back here… sorry again. Was not my best night out for dinner 😉 So just a $ out of possible $$$

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  1. Bart Van Hoorde says:

    De Veehandel was good untill they sniffed the Money. I remember eating there some times and it was ok but not wow. I see you always go to restaurants in and around Antwerp. Antwerp is not Belgium. Cities like Bruges and Brussels have much better restaurants than the rather average Antwerp restaurants. Even small cities like Kortrijk have good restaurants. Try ‘La Difference – Kooigem’ for meat. You’ll be surprised. Don’t give the people in the world the idea that Antwerp is Belgium. It’s not. It’s just a city with a harbour. Nothing special.

    1. Hello Bart, you are 100% correct. I believe the food outside of Antwerp is often better. And there is so much more in Belgium than just Antwerp regional restaurants. Only in my case I am abroad, eating in a different country 50% of the time. So when I am back home in Antwerp, the easy choice is to eat somewhere local… but I will take your advise and post some other Belgian restaurants I visited soon. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. Zoff says:

    Idd vergane glorie… er zijn veel betere vlees resto’s dan aan de slachthuislaan…

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